28. Nov, 2020


My postings in these Background Thoughts are going to be fairly reflective - about myself, my reasons for leaving the UK and for living in Sweden, and some overall thoughts about the world.

In posts on the front of my site I hope occasionally to express my own view on topical subjects that catch my attention, ranging widely from the state of advertising in Sweden today, politics in the world, Scotland's revival (currently) in world rugby, and different national approaches to a pandemic disease.

Anything in other words that catches my fancy and where I have an opinion to offer. Sometimes I will be hoping to persuade, at other times I will be needing to get something off my chest - and occasionally I may even be trying to spread some humour and joy.

I hope some readers will find it thought provoking, some mildly entertaining, and some perhaps may even be inspired to comment. Anyway , welcome to any of you brave enough even to have read this far.